Urban Dictionary:
Green Room (noun)- A room that performers wait in before they go on stage.

A space born to promote collaboration and creativity
where I specialize in helping service-based businesses, like yours, find your online audience. We’ll work together, backstage, to make sure your online presence is all it can be. 

– the digital green room –

I believe my parents' dreams became my steppingstones for greater opportunity—which is why I’m proud to be an immigrant’s daughter and first-generation college graduate.

With over a decade of corporate marketing experience and dedication, COVID-19 became the catalyst for a 2020 layoff—cue panic, worry and uncertainty. But most of us were pushed outside our comfort zone then, right? Thankfully, it’s now become the silver lining to a new beginning as a business owner, wife and, bad ass working mom.

It makes so much sense that this journey as a solopreneur would complement my non-traditional homelife too: Having a husband who's a touring musician allows our family the flexibility to #WFH, anywhere.

Now, I get to focus my time and energy into people and projects that excite and inspire me, specifically by merging my passion for helping others while exercising my creative ambition through copywriting and design.

Life as a corporate escapee is ‘next level.’ And it's your business and support that's helping women like me break glass ceilings while better balancing home and family life— for this, I thank you!


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All things online, from designing your website to managing your social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Print & design services: brochures, presentations, trade show booths, business cards...


 Many business owners and entrepreneurs don’t have the time to stay up to date on social media practices, trends or algorithms let alone create consistent, on-brand content. With my help you'll have more time and energy to focus on the other sides of your business.


At The Digital Green Room, you’re the star and I’m your 1:1 Publicist/Manager. My focus is to help prepare you to take stage; the online stage— from your website to your social media platforms. 



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